Being a kid just for a little bit longer.


Well hello there everybody,

Today ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to talk to you today about ‘growing up’.
Yes, that thing we want when we’re 15 but when we get it, we don’t want it.  What a kid thing to say, amiright?

I was scrolling through Facebook, as I do on a Tuesday morning, when I come across an updated profile picture of one of my friends from high school.  It consists of her and 2 of my other friends from school, all well and good right? WRONG. Standing behind them are their respective partners.

Look, don’t get me wrong I am happy for them.  I swear *twitches*  But aren’t we a little bit young for photos like that?  22 is an odd in-between age when its time to grow up but not quite yet.  They’ve gone the respectable route, being grown up and serious and taking life seriously, settling down, getting engaged, buying cars and the soon talk about children.

As a single 22-year-old who is now living with her family again I can’t really relate, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t wish to.

I was mostly oblivious to friends being grown up, thinking it’s just how they are, but are they slowly losing their fun side?

I laugh at a lot of stupid things and I like it like that.  Finding farts funny, finding people sneezing funny, spontaneity, letting loose. LIVING.

In my very uneducated opinion, I believe that these friends of mine aren’t living their lives, they are existing – existing how they think they should be, but too afraid to change, in fear of judgement, in fear of being an outcast and being the “weird one” instead of the upright citizen they have so convincingly portrayed.

Is it time for me and other immature twenty-somethings to grow up and act our age? if it is time, what does a 22-year-old act like?

Thanks for reading, you stud muffin, you.


till next time.


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